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Survey Results Summary

My survey concerning phone usage provided some very interesting data. Students actually use their phone for a great deal of time per day, and over 85% use it for at least four hours per day. Over 70% of them also admit to using it in class when they aren't supposed to. Phone usage also effects the health of teens. 75% of surveyors use social media, and that has been proven to make teens feel left out and affect their well-being. Nearly 100% of students also use their to phone before bed, which has been proven to hurt sleep quality. Overall, two thirds of students of students admit to being somewhat addicted to their phones.

Fun Fact: Over 80% of students use their phone on the toilet.

Survey Infographic

MIT Innovations

Some of these innovations I had already heard of, like new robot technology. The idea of having robots that can learn and adapt is a scary one, and I'm not sure people are ready for that. One of the most interesting yet simple ideas I read about were carbon dioxide catchers. The idea of just taking the carbon out of our air seems simple on the surface, but disposing of the carbon is a complicated process. On a more personal level, I don't think I like the idea of artificial burgers. I love eating meat, and in my opinion, nothing can match the taste of real beef.

Phone Survey: Could you be addicted to your phone?

Infographic Practice