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Website Reviews

Genochoice Review: In my opinion this is definitely a fake website. This website looks very unprofessional. It also presents information that is obviously way too good to be true. This website also lacks much detail and lacks proof of its reliability.

Buy an Ancestor Review: This website is fake for many reasons. It is not a secure website and is presented in an odd way. Its information is false; an ancestor cannot be bought. It also has many skeptical ads on its homescreen and not a lot of overall detailed information.

Dog Island Review: This is another fake website because it again presents obviously false info. Domesticated dogs would not be able to live by themselves on an island. It also has dog statistics but uses the words big, medium, and small to categorize their dogs, which seems unprofessional.

Forced Perspective Pictures

In the first picture Slice is "holding" the clock. In the second picture my brother is "touching" the Eiffel Tower and in the third he has very big feet. The illusions in these pictures is what makes them forced perspective.

Adobe Spark Practice

Leading Lines Pictures

The hockey picture shows leading lines along the glass and boards. The picture of my basement shows lines along the edges of the ceiling and floor that lead to the goalie picture on the wall. The picture of me golfing shows lines going along the cart path and along the tops of the trees which all lead to the center of the photo.

Point of View Pictures

The picture of the Dallas shows point of view because it is shooting from above, giving a unique perspective of the city. The picture of the ice cream shows point of view because it is almost like you are looking through the eyes of the person about to eat the ice cream. The picture of desert in Arizona shows an interesting point of view because it incorporates many beautiful back round elements but also shows a vivid cactus in the foreground.